Poker Bankroll Poker Strategy: How To Play Flopped Monster Hands

Poker Strategy: How To Play Flopped Monster Hands

Do I slow play my monster, or do I push and take it down immediately? The answer depends on the size of the monster, and the makeup of the people you are playing with.

If you are playing with very tight players, the possibility that you may have hit a big hand on the flop will likely scare them out of participating. They see that possible straight flush on the board and they just know that their bottom pair won't cut it.

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Still, if you do catch that once in a great while flop, you are going to want to get as much out of it as you can. If you are playing limit Hold 'Em, you should never pass up the opportunity to get a bet into the pot. That is unless you are sure someone will bet after you. If you know someone will bet, you can check, so that you can raise when the betting comes back to you. That may be a giveaway to your strength, but you've got to build the pot as well as possible.

In no-limit games, You want to give the impression that you have not hit the flop. Be careful. Have you just hit the nuts for the moment? Because if you've hit a straight on the flop, but there are three hearts on the board, you may not have the best hand at the moment. If there are draws on the board, you'll want to try to win the pot immediately.

Back to the nuts. You have something that almost certainly will win after all the cards are exposed. How do you get others to participate? Practice your acting skills. If you think a well placed statement will add to the belief that your hand stinks, drop that line on the table. Certainly, a check is in order.

You are hoping that someone bets in different Poker Strategy. If they do, you have a decision to make. If your hand is invulnerable, agonize about the call for a while, even make a statement like, “one more card,” and call. If your opposition has picked up some possibilities, make sure you raise.

After the turn is dealt, you'll run the risk of having scared the fish off the hook. If you think that may be happening, make a small bet, one that doesn't look like it represents the strength you actually have. Good players may pick up on the small bet and get out before there's more trouble. You could check again. If your opponent hasn't picked up on the reality of the situation yet, he may bet. You might think again and call or even make a small raise.

Regardless, after the river comes, your fish is likely to have seen enough. You should make a bet, half the pot or less, looking for a call from your opposition. In this way, you may be able to keep him on the line and get maximum value out of your big hand.

It will help to know the type of player you are facing when you hit the nuts. Some players are willing to gamble with small pieces of a flop. They figure they have a chance to draw out on you and may stay with you. In this instance, you will bet. You should try to figure out how much won't make the opposition fold.

If there are many players in the pot, a small bet may be the way to go. You'll eliminate some of them, but there well could be someone else who caught part of the flop. You are looking for group participation, so you don't really want to scare anyone off.

The body language that you give and all of your motions, such as putting your chips in the pot and looking back at your cards, while you take on a certain look, are being scrutinized at all times by your opponents. Your persona is being registered at all times.

So, if you have hit your big hand, you don't want to act differently than you did when you whiffed. In order to not look different, you'll have to keep in mind how you act when you missed. In other words, always be cognizant of your manners at the table.

Part of getting participants to throw chips at your unbeatable hand will be your actions at the table. A casual check may go unnoticed, but a thought out check may draw attention. You are trying to steal the plans to the secret weapon and then walk out in front of the General.

Many players confuse good hands for great ones. If you've flopped two pair, one only needs a set to beat you. And if you did catch the set and the flop is one suited, you cannot assume that you have the best hand.

You work long periods of time to catch a Flopped Monster Hands. While you have it, maximize it. These are the moments you play this game for.

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